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Notify Me When in SmartThings Classic

What is Notify Me When?

Notify Me When is a SmartThings Classic SmartApp that can automatically send you text and/or push notifications when certain events take place in your home. Notify Me When is particularly useful when you want to send notifications to multiple people.

Note: The Custom monitoring module within Smart Home Monitor has all the same functionality as Notify Me When, but offers some additional features! It includes options for:

  • Audio notifications
  • Alerts with lights
  • Alerts with sirens
  • Video clip recording*

If you are more interested in combining any of those with your notifications, we recommend checking out Smart Home Monitor instead!


How to set up notifications with Notify Me When

In the SmartThings Classic mobile app:

  1. Tap Marketplace
  2. Tap SmartApps
  3. Tap Safety & Security
  4. Tap Notify Me When
  5. Select one or more triggers from the following:
    • Button pushed
    • Motion here
    • Contact opens
    • Contact closes
    • Acceleration detected
    • Switch turned on
    • Switch turned off
    • Arrival of
    • Departure of
    • Smoke detected
    • Water Sensor Wet
  6. Select the devices for which you want to be notified
  7. Tap Done
  8. Under Message Text, tap to enter an optional custom message
  9. Enter a 10-digit phone number to get a text notification
  10. Tap Notify me via Push Notification
  11. Tap Yes or No
  12. Tap Done
  13. Under Minutes, enter the number of minutes for the minimum time between messages (optional)
  14. Assign a name to this SmartApp
  15. Tap to set a mode in which you will receive notifications
  16. Tap Done

To send notifications to multiple phone numbers, you will need to set up another iteration of the Notify Me When SmartApp. Just repeat the steps above and enter a different phone number!

Since you will have multiple versions of this SmartApp, it’s helpful to name the SmartApp something unique so you can easily identify which is which if you need to modify them in the future!