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Speaker Companion

What is Speaker Companion?

Speaker Companion is the SmartApp for all your speaker automations! Start, stop, pause, skip, go back, even notifications and weather reports–it can do it all.


How to set up Speaker Companion

In the SmartThings mobile app:

  1. Tap Marketplace
  2. Tap SmartApps
  3. Tap Music & Sounds
  4. Tap Speaker Companion
  5. Select what you want to happen:
    • Control - play/stop/pause/skip
    • Play a notification
    • Play weather report
  6. Select the action you want to control
    • For Control, choose from the following:
      • Play
      • Stop Playing
      • Toggle Play/Pause
      • Skip to Next Track
      • Play Previous Track
    • For Notifications, choose the notification sound from the following:
      • Custom message
      • Bell 1
      • Bell 2
      • Dogs Barking
      • Fire Alarm
      • The mail has arrived
      • A door opened
      • There is motion
      • SmartThings detected a flood
      • SmartThings detected smoke
      • Someone is arriving
      • Piano
      • Lightsaber
    • For Weather Reports, choose from the following report options:
      • Current Conditions
      • Today’s Forecast
      • Tonight’s Forecast
      • Tomorrow’s Forecast
  7. Tap On this Speaker player
  8. Select the speaker you want to control
  9. Under When…, select and configure the trigger for your speaker player (options vary depending on your connected devices)
    • Motion Here
    • Contact Opens
    • Contact Closes
    • Acceleration Detected
    • Switch Turned On
    • Switch Turned Off
    • Arrival Of
    • Departure Of
    • Smoke Detected
    • Water Sensor Wet
    • Button Press
    • System Changes Mode
    • At a Scheduled Time
  10. Optional: Under More options, set for specific modes or assign a name. Since you may have multiple versions of this SmartApp, it’s helpful to name the SmartApp something unique so you can easily identify which is which if you need to modify them in the future
  11. Tap Done


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