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Troubleshooting: SmartThings Presence Sensor/Arrival Sensor says it's leaving and arriving constantly

SmartThings Presence Sensors/Arrival Sensors are designed to let you know when people, pets, and objects come and go. If the SmartThings mobile app says that a Presence Sensor is leaving and arriving constantly—even when it hasn't moved an inch—there are a few things you can try to fix the issue:

  • The sensor could be on the edge of your ZigBee network's range, teetering between "away" and "present." Move the sensor closer to the Hub when it's at home. You can also extend the range of your ZigBee network with repeaters.
  • (US only) In some rare cases, the old SmartPower Outlet (Smartenit) can interfere with the sensor's ability to communicate with the Hub. To test this, unplug the outlet and see if the Presence Sensor or Arrival Sensor's false notifications stop. You may have to leave the outlet unplugged overnight to see results. If this resolves the problem, contact for more tips on troubleshooting your old SmartPower Outlet.
  • ZigBee devices can sometimes be affected by local interference, particularly from Wi-Fi devices. Make sure the Hub isn’t stacked on top of a Wi-Fi router or placed near other wireless electronics (like a baby monitor or cordless phone).
  • The SmartThings Presence Sensors/Arrival Sensors are rated for indoor use only. Keep exposure to freezing temperatures to a minimum, as severe cold can have a negative impact on overall performance.
  • Remove and reconnect your Presence Sensor/Arrival Sensor to the SmartThings Hub.
  • If all else fails, the sensor might simply need a new battery. Watch this video to learn how to remove and replace the sensor's CR2032 battery.

If you've tried all these steps and are still having trouble, please contact