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My mobile presence isn't updating my status consistently

Mobile presence gives you the ability to know when people come and go using the location services on their phones or cellular-connected tablets. If your presence status is updating inconsistently, there are some steps you can take to optimize performance.

The steps below are not guaranteed fixes, as there are many variables outside of SmartThings’ control that affect mobile presence. Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, mobile devices’ native capabilities and battery/data allocation, electromagnetic fields, solar flares (no joke), and other innumerable factors can influence your presence status. Results vary by person, by phone, and by whether you wish hard enough (yes joke).

For further information about mobile presence behavior, common issues, and the role your mobile device plays, read this article.


Troubleshooting Tips

Try the following:

  • Enable location services on your phone or cellular-connected tablet and set them to their highest accuracy. Also give SmartThings permission to access location services at all times.
    • On iOS: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > SmartThings = "Always"
    • On Android: Settings > Location > "On" and using wireless networks (Mode = “High accuracy”)
  • Enable Wi-Fi. This is a must.
  • Make sure your geolocation is in the correct location.

In the SmartThings app:

  1. From the Home screen, tap on More Options (More Options menu icon)
  2. Tap on Manage Location
  3. Tap Geolocation
  4. Tap the map (if needed, long press to place the pin in a new spot on the map, or tap and hold the pin to drag it)
  5. Pinch and zoom to change the size of the geofence surrounding your home
  6. Tap Done when you're done
  • Expand the size of your geofence. Mobile presence behavior can be negatively impacted if your geofence is too close in size to your local Wi-Fi network.
  • Disable any battery savers, including Doze on Android Marshmallow. (You can find the steps to disable Doze here)
  • Temporarily log out of the mobile app, especially if you and users of your account are logged in on multiple devices. When logging back in, make sure the device matches the login credentials—each mobile presence device must have its own unique user. In other words, Sue should log in to Sue’s phone with Sue’s email address. You should not log in to your own mobile presence device using your friend’s or family member's account.
  • If you recently got a new phone, make sure to sign out from your old phone so SmartThings can keep track of your mobile presence accurately when you log in with your new phone
    1. From the Home screen, touch Menu (Menu icon) and select the gear icon
    2. Toggle the switch for Use location information