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Main features of the SmartThings Classic app

The SmartThings Classic mobile app enables you to control your devices from anywhere, monitor and receive notifications about what’s happening at home, and automate lights, locks, thermostats, and more.

For an overview, read below.




The Dashboard gives you a quick top-level view of your home’s status with Favorites and Smart Home Monitor.


Favourites let you instantly access your ffavouritedevices and Routines where you can view device status and actuate devices and Routines with a single tap.

Smart Home Monitor

You can also use the Dashboard to access Smart Home Monitor, which lets you know whether your home is safe from intrusion and other hazards.












My Home

My Home is like a mini desktop from which you can access Things, Rooms, and Family. For more information on these features, follow the links below.


All the devices you have connected to SmartThings Classic can be accessed here. From the Things view, you can turn a light on or off, lock or unlock a door, play or pause a song, and much more—all with a single tap. Or you can select a device to access its specific settings, activity, status, and SmartApps. You can also add new devices from My Home by tapping Add a Thing at the bottom of the list.


Rooms allows for convenient, intuitive grouping of devices by their physical location in your home. You can tap on any Room you’ve set up for a detailed view of devices within that group, rich controls, and an activity feed.









Within Automations, you can access and edit Routines and your previously configured SmartApps.


What if with one simple command, your smart home would automatically do countless things and remember how you want your devices to behave? Routines lets you do exactly this. With Routines, you can change Modes and activate phrases like Good Night! or I’m Back! to trigger customizable actions when you’re asleep, awake, on vacation, or back home.


The SmartApps tab will appear blank until you’ve set up some automations for your smart home. Once you’ve set up some SmartApps from the Marketplace, you can view them under the SmartApps tab within Automations and enter individual SmartApp settings at any time.











Marketplace lets you browse and connect new devices and explore all sorts of SmartApps to automate your smart home. Here, you’ll also find SmartThings Recommends SmartApps like Smart Lights. These SmartApps by SmartThings make it easy to organize and personalize top use cases for devices.