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SmartThings Starter Kit

The SmartThings Starter Kit has everything you need to start monitoring, controlling, and securing your home from anywhere. Once you set up your Home Monitoring Kit, you will always know whether everything is okay at home, so you can rest easy. You can also enhance your SmartThings monitoring solution by adding compatible cameras, locks, alarms, and more.


The Home Monitoring Kit contains:

Follow the links above for more information about each device, including how to connect and reset the device. Your Home Monitoring Kit also comes with setup instructions.


With the Home Monitoring Kit, you can:

  • Monitor and secure your home more affordably than with a traditional home security system
  • Get immediate alerts if there’s unexpected entry, motion, or activity in your home
  • Control your home from anywhere with the SmartThings mobile app
  • Add any of hundreds of compatible devices to your smart home at any time


Control your monitoring devices with Smart Home Monitor

A core part of the new SmartThings mobile app experience is Smart Home Monitor: a unified monitoring solution that provides a central place for you to get alerts about intrusion, smoke and fire, leaks, and other unexpected activity. Smart Home Monitor also gives you the ability to notify trusted contacts so they can take action if you’re away from home.