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How to write a great support request

Customer service is a top priority for us here at SmartThings Support, and we want to quickly resolve any issues you’re experiencing.

One way that you can help us help you is by writing a great support request!

We need certain information to diagnose and solve problems related to the SmartThings app and hardware, and if we have this information from the get-go, we can help you that much faster.

When you send a support request to, please provide as much of the following information as possible. If you don’t know all the answers, no problem! Just provide what you can. The more specific, the better.


Do we have permission to access your Hub’s logs?

If yes, provide the email address for the SmartThings account the Hub is registered under.

Note: DO NOT send us your password. SmartThings will NEVER ask for your password.


Can’t find your Welcome Code? Need to reset your Welcome Code?

Send a photo of the serial number and barcode on the bottom of the Hub, and we’ll provide a working Welcome Code.

Go here for more information about Welcome Codes and related error message you may see.


Need to make a return?

Please provide your order number (e.g., “R12345678”). If you don’t know your order number, provide the email address with which you placed the order.

Go here for more information about our shipping and returns policies.


Describe the problem

“My app is broken.”

“When I tap Automations, a spinner appears and the page never loads.”


When did this happen? More than once?

"It happened yesterday."

“The problem happened at 10:00 PM PST on 10/30, and again at 11:15 PM.”


Can you reproduce the problem?

If yes, describe the steps to reproduce the problem and what you expect to happen.

"My outlet never turns on."

“When I tap Devices > SmartThings Outlet to turn it on, the plugged-in lamp does not come on.”

"My Custom Automation, which is supposed to turn on the outlet at sunrise, does not automatically do this. Triggering it manually does turn on the outlet."


Was there an error message?

If yes, include the text of the message.

 "I keep getting the same error message during setup."

 "I get this error during setup: ZigBee ID must be unique"


Which version of the SmartThings Hub?

The are two models of the SmartThings Hub: the SmartThings Hub (v1) and the new SmartThings Hub (v2). If you're unsure of which version of the Hub you own, read this guide.


What smart device(s)?

 “Light bulb”

 “LIFX White 800 A19 LED Light Bulb”


What OS and version?

On most phones, you can find this information in Settings > About phone (or similar)

 “Android 5.1”


What phone/device model?

 “iPhone 6s‎”


What version of the SmartThings app?

In the SmartThings app, go to the menu > Support > About

 “Version 2.0.3, Build Number 201311”


Did you try any troubleshooting?

If yes, please describe.

 "I tried everything!"

 “I force quit the app and rebooted the Hub.”

 "I tried all the steps listed in this article:"


Anything else?

Do you have screenshots of the issue? Want to share a funny cat gif? Please feel free to provide anything else you think is relevant (or will make our day).


Contact Support

For help composing your email message to Support, consult the tips above, copy and paste the text below, and fill out the requested information as applicable.


Permission to access your Hub’s logs, Y/N:

Email address for SmartThings account:

Order number:

Description of problem:

When the problem occurred:

Steps to reproduce the problem:

Error message:

Version of SmartThings Hub:

Smart device(s):

OS and version:

Phone/device model:

Version of SmartThings app:

Troubleshooting action taken:

Additional comments:

Attachments (e.g., photo of Hub’s serial number and barcode, screenshots, etc.):


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