SmartThings Support

My time-based events fail, what should I do?

If your time-based events, Routines, or SmartApps fail to run or reschedule, you can use the SmartThings web console to repair these scheduled events.

From your browser:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Log in
  3. Enter your SmartThings account credentials (email and password)
  4. Click Log in
  5. Click My Locations
  6. Scroll down to Installed SmartApps, and click List SmartApps
  7. Click Update for the affected SmartApp(s)

Updating the SmartApp(s) should immediately improve performance.


Troubleshooting Tips

  • IMPORTANT: In the case of parent-child SmartApps, the “child” SmartApp must be updated to repair the scheduled event, not the “parent” SmartApp.

Smart Lighting is an example of a parent SmartApp, and each Lighting Automation configured under Smart Lighting is a child SmartApp. Consider the following example: You configured a Lighting Automation to turn on your hallway light at sunset. To repair this scheduled event, click “Update” for “Turn on Hallway Light at sunset.” Updating "Smart Lighting" may not fix the issue.


Routines follow the same principle. For example, if your Good Morning! Routine is configured to run at 6:00 am, click “Update” for “At a Certain Time” to repair the schedule. Updating "Good Morning!" or "Hello Home" may not fix the issue.


In other words, a good rule of thumb is to click “Update” at the lowest tier of nested SmartApps.

  • If scheduled events fail at sunrise or sunset, update "Weather Station" (under "Hello Home").