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How to reset ZigBee bulbs in the SmartThings Classic app

If your ZigBee bulb(s) is not discovered or is not performing as expected, you may need to reset the bulb and/or remove and reconnect it with the SmartThings Hub.


If needed, first remove the bulb via the SmartThings Classic app:

  1. Tap My Home
  2. Tap Things
  3. Tap the device you wish to remove
  4. Tap the gear icon
  5. Tap Remove
  6. Confirm removal (this cannot be undone)


To physically reset, find your ZigBee bulb below and follow the corresponding steps.

Don’t see your bulb brand here? Check out these articles for cloud-to-cloud bulb integrations:




To physically reset an SYLVANIA bulb, run five power cycles as detailed below (a power cycle is the act of turning something on and off).

Note: To turn the SYLVANIA bulb on and off: Turn it on and off with the lamp or wall switch, OR unscrew it by hand.

  1. Turn ON the light for 5 seconds
  2. Turn OFF the light for 5 seconds
  3. Repeat this process 5 times (ON for 5 seconds + OFF for 5 seconds = 1 time)
  4. After the fifth time, switch the light ON and wait 10 seconds
  5. The light will then blink 3 times if successfully reset
  6. Repeat the process if the light doesn’t blink



Belkin WeMo LED Bulb (F7C033)

To physically reset the Belkin WeMo bulb

  1. Start with the bulb ON
  2. Turn OFF the bulb for 1 second
  3. Turn ON the bulb for 3-4 seconds
  4. Turn OFF the bulb for 1 second
  5. Turn ON the bulb for 3-4 seconds
  6. Turn OFF the bulb for 1 second
  7. Turn ON the bulb
  8. Wait until the bulb begins to blink (after about 5 seconds)


To reconnect ZigBee bulbs

  1. Tap My Home
  2. Under Things, tap Add a Thing at the bottom of your Things list
  3. The app will say Looking for devices…
  4. While the Hub searches, turn the bulb ON
    • ON and OFF for a Belkin WeMo LED Bulb
  5. When the device is discovered, it will be listed at the top of the screen
  6. Tap the device to rename it and tap Done
  7. When finished, tap Save
  8. Tap Ok to confirm


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