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How many cameras can the Hub support?

Connect up to 4 SmartCam or D-Link cameras

Samsung SmartCam and D-Link cameras connect directly to the Samsung SmartThings Hub over your local area network (Wi-Fi or Ethernet). One benefit of this integration is intelligent buffering for event-based clip recordings, currently available as a free trial within Smart Home Monitor. Intelligent buffering allows SmartThings to record a clip 10 seconds prior to the start of an event. The Samsung SmartThings Hub can support up to four Samsung SmartCam HD Pro or D-Link cameras.


Connect up to 15 Netgear Arlo cameras

Netgear Arlo cameras connect with SmartThings cloud-to-cloud, which allows this integration to surpass the Hub’s 4-camera limit. However, this integration does not have the capability for intelligent buffering, and video clips will begin recording as soon as they are triggered. Depending on your subscription plan, you can connect up to 15 Netgear Arlo Cameras.

Note: Netgear Arlo cameras are compatible with both Samsung SmartThings Hub v2 and SmartThings Hub v1.

To learn how to connect Netgear Arlo cameras, see this guide.


Configure up to 10 cameras for clip recording

SmartThings supports up to 10 cameras for the free trial of event-based clip recordings within Smart Home Monitor.


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