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Zigbee OTA firmware updates

What are Zigbee OTA firmware updates?

They are updates for select Zigbee devices wherein manufacturers can improve their firmware and add features to products that are already in your home. These updates will happen wirelessly, or Over the Air (OTA).


Does my Hub support Zigbee OTA firmware updates?

All of the SmartThings Hubs support Zigbee OTA firmware updates.


Are Zigbee OTA firmware updates enabled automatically?

No. Currently, you must enable the updates through the IDE.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click My Locations
  3. Select your Hub
  4. Click View Utilities
  5. Under Zigbee OTA, click Allow OTA for all devices except lights and/or Allow OTA for lights

Some devices need to be turned off and on (or have the batteries removed and reinstalled) to accept available firmware updates. Others, like the SYLVANIA smart bulbs, require a manual prompt to check for available updates (see the steps below).


How do I check if there is an update available?

You can check in the IDE for both the current firmware version and if there is an update available. The SYLVANIA smart bulbs do not automatically check for updates and require these steps to check for and accept updates.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click My Locations
  3. Click List Devices
  4. Select the device
  5. Under Firmware, you will see Current Version and Target Version
    If the Target Version is different than the Current Version, there is a firmware update available for that device
  6. You will also see the date and time the device Last Checked for an update
    Click Check Now to have the device check again (required for SYLVANIA bulbs)

Remember that some devices need to be turned off and on (or have the batteries removed and reinstalled) in order to accept available firmware updates.

There will be no indicators in the mobile app regarding OTA updates, but you can find recent updates in the device event logs in the IDE by following the steps above and clicking List Events.


How often will updates happen?

Once you enable OTA updates, devices will check for available updates at least once every 24 hours and automatically apply any available updates. New updates will be available at a different regularity for different devices. When they are available, your Hub automatically sends the updates to your devices when they next check in.


How long do updates take?

The length of time an update requires will vary by device, size of the update, distance from the Hub, outside interference, and the number of simultaneous updates on the network. The Hub supports five simultaneous device updates. If a sixth device checks for an update, it will be told there is no update available, but the device will try again when it performs its next check in 24 hours.

Depending on all of those variables, updates can take a few minutes to an hour to 24 hours.


Will my devices still work during the update?

Yes, devices will continue to function during an update. There may be a brief period of a few seconds when the firmware update is applied that the device will be offline. Also, note that Zigbee light bulbs will turn on after an OTA update. This is behaviour implemented by the bulb manufacturers.