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Automations in the SmartThings Classic app






Within Automations, you can access and edit Routines and your previously configured SmartApps.









What if with one simple command, your smart home would automatically do countless things and remember how you want your devices to behave? Routines in the SmartThings Classic app lets you do exactly this. With Routines, you can change Modes and activate phrases like Good Night! or I’m Back! to trigger customizable actions when you’re asleep, awake, on vacation, or back home.


The SmartApps tab will appear blank until you’ve set up some automations for your smart home. You can tap Add a SmartApp to browse the SmartApp options and install some automations. Once you’ve set up some SmartApps, you can view them under the SmartApps tab within Automations and enter individual SmartApp settings at any time.