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Troubleshooting: I received an error while setting up my SmartThings Hub

If you received an error while setting up your new SmartThings Hub (2018), there's no need to fear. Read below for some troubleshooting tips to get you going again.


The app says "Hub not found" and/or the LED on the front of the Hub isn't blinking red/green

  • If your Hub is brand new, ensure that the power cable is connected to a known working outlet. Try power cycling the Hub by unplugging the power cable for a few seconds. If you're connecting the Hub via Ethernet, double check that the cable is securely connected to the Hub and to a working port on your router. If the hard-wired connection is good yet the error persists, the cable may be defective. Try using a different Ethernet cable. If the LED still isn't blinking red/green and the error persists, factory reset the Hub.
  • If you purchased the Hub second-hand and the LED isn’t blinking red/green, factory reset the Hub.

Note: If you are a shared member trying to connect to an existing Hub, please contact the owner to invite you to their Location.


The app says "No network connection" 

In order to set up the SmartThings Hub, your phone will need to be connected to Wi-Fi or an active data connection (Edge, 3G, 4G, or LTE). Try disabling Wi-Fi and use your phone's active cellular data to complete setup. Touch Retry in the SmartThings app after changing your network.


How far are you from the Hub?

When setting up the SmartThings Hub (2018), your phone will temporarily connect directly to the Hub. Try bringing your phone closer to the Hub during the setup process.


Wi-Fi interference

If you're connecting the Hub via Wi-Fi, you may encounter Wi-Fi interference from a variety of sources. Ensure that the Hub is within Wi-Fi range of the router. To learn more about interference and mitigating interference issues, click here to read our guide to wireless range and repeaters.

Additionally, try connecting the Hub to a port on your internet router using an Ethernet cable. Make sure you're connecting the Hub directly to the router, and not to a repeater or switch.


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