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Which SmartThings Outlet model do I have?

Here are some tips to learn which model of the SmartThings Outlet you have.


SmartThings Outlet

SmartThings_Outlet_Front_en-us.png SmartThings-Samjin-Outlet_1_Back-Right.png

Find product information on the Works with SmartThings product page, buy it in the SmartThings shop, or for information about how to connect and reset the SmartThings Outlet, view this article.



SmartThings Dimming Outlet



SmartThings Outlet (2016 model)


Watch these video demonstrations to see how to connect and reset the SmartThings Outlet (2016 model):


SmartPower Outlet



SmartPower Outlet (original Smartenit model)


Meet the SmartPower Outlet (original Smartenit model) in this video:



File Size
Smartenit ZBMPlug15 Quick Start Guide.pdf 600 KB
SmartPower Outlet Quick Start Guide.pdf 600 KB
Samsung SmartThings Outlet 2016 model Quick Start Guide.pdf 2 MB
Samsung SmartThings Outlet Quick Start Guide.pdf 200 KB
Samsung SmartThings Dimming Outlet.pdf 70 KB

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