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How to add a Samsung Connect Home

Adding a Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi Hub provides a Wi-Fi mesh network with extended range and allows you to connect to SmartThings products and the many third-party devices that work with SmartThings.

You can add additional Connect Home Wi-Fi Hubs that will act as ZigBee and Z-Wave repeaters and can be used to extend the range of your ZigBee and Z-Wave networks, in addition to extending your Wi-Fi network. To learn how to add sub hubs after setting up the Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi Hub, click here. To learn more about repeaters, check out our guide to wireless range and repeaters.


This article will tell you how to connect the following Samsung Connect Home models with the SmartThings app:


Getting Started

To get started, you need the SmartThings app and a Samsung account. The SmartThings app is preloaded on Samsung S8/S8+ devices and is also available to download for Android or iOS.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can sign up for a Samsung account or sign in to an existing Samsung account.


Set up a Samsung Connect Home

In the SmartThings app:

  1. From the Home screen, select the Plus (+) icon and touch Device
    • When you first open the app, a popup may appear prompting you to add your Wi-Fi Hub–just tap Add Now and skip the next two steps
  2. Wait a moment for SmartThings to discover the Wi-Fi Hub, then select it when it appears under AVAILABLE DEVICES.
  3. If the device doesn't appear, select Samsung Connect Home under the Wi-Fi/Hub category within Samsung.
  4. Touch Start
  5. Choose a Location for the device
  6. Choose a Room for the device and touch Next
  7. Connect the Wi-Fi Hub to your modem with an Ethernet cable, and then touch NEXT.
  8. Connect the power cable, and then touch NEXT. The LED on the front will flash red and green when the Hub is ready to connect.
  9. After the Wi-Fi Hub registers to your Samsung account, enter a network name and password, and then touch NEXT.
    Note: To connect supported Works With SmartThings devices to the Wi-Fi Hub, do not uncheck Set up SmartThings Hub.
  10. Wait a moment while your Wi-Fi network is created and the SmartThings Hub is set up.
  11. When prompted, select a name for your Wi-Fi Hub or touch Custom to create your own.
    Note: This name is how the Wi-Fi Hub will appear in the SmartThings app. This is independent of the network name that you configured earlier.
  12. When the Wi-Fi Hub setup is complete, touch Done.
    Note: If you have another Samsung Connect Home, touch Add another Wi-Fi Hub and follow the in-app instructions to create a Wi-Fi mesh network.


To continue setting up an additional Samsung Connect Home and build a Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and Z-Wave mesh network:

  1. After touching Add another Wi-Fi Hub, plug in your additional Wi-Fi Hub with the power cable only (no Ethernet cable)
    • Make sure to pick a strategic point in your home, generally in an open area within 40 feet of the first Wi-Fi Hub so that your Wi-Fi Hubs are spread out enough to extend your Wi-Fi range, but not so far that they can’t talk to each other. You should consider the placement of any existing ZigBee and Z-Wave devices, as well
  2. Then in the SmartThings app, touch Next
  3. Wait a moment for SmartThings to prepare and connect your Wi-Fi Hub to the existing network
  4. When the Wi-Fi Hub setup is complete, touch Done OR touch Check Now to confirm your Wi-Fi Hubs are routing properly and touch Done when the signal strength has been verified
    • If you have another Samsung Connect Home, touch Add another Wi-Fi Hub and repeat these steps as necessary (You can add up to 4 additional Wi-Fi Hubs for a total of 5)

To start connecting smart devices, check out this guide.


Add additional sub hubs to build a mesh network

You can connect additional Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi hubs (sub hubs) to build a mesh network and extend your wireless range and repeat for your ZigBee and Z-Wave mesh networks. If you have already completed the setup of your first Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi Hub, click here to learn how to add your additional sub hub(s).




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