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How to factory reset the Samsung Connect Home

Samsung-Connect-Home-ET_WV520_Front.png NOTE: Factory resetting the Samsung Connect Home will reset all settings. This means you will have to setup your Wi-Fi network from scratch again and all devices connected to your SmartThings Hub will have to be reset or excluded before they can be reconnected. All Automations, Scenes, and favorites associated with that SmartThings Hub will be lost as well.


To factory reset the Samsung Connect Home

Follow these steps:

  1. Hold down the Reset button on the back of the device using a safety pin or similar tool for approximately 10 seconds
  2. Release the Reset button when the LED on the front goes dark
  3. Wait for the LED to flash red and green, indicating it is ready to connect again


Alternatively, you can also factory reset the Samsung Connect Home from the SmartThings app, but the Connect Home must be online. An offline or disconnected Connect Home must be physically reset.

  1. To view the Hub's Location, select Menu (Menu icon) and touch the dropdown arrow to select the Location name.
  2. Select Menu (Menu icon) and then touch Devices.
  3. Select the Wi-Fi Hub device.
  4. Touch the Wi-Fi Hub image
  5. Touch Factory Reset
  6. The LED will turn off and the Hub will reboot. When the LED blinks red and green, the Hub is ready to connect again.


While the Samsung Connect Home restores factory settings, the LED will go dark, then blink green, and finally blink red and green to indicate it is ready to connect again.