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Scenes let you set the mood in your home by instantly activating customizable lighting actions for multiple lights at once. Use Routines to activate a Scene when the sun rises, when you come home, or at a certain time of day. SmartThings will remember your preferences and instantly turn on your switch, dim your outlet, and change the color of your bulb with a single command.


To access and configure Scenes in the mobile app:

1. Tap My Home

2. See the Scenes tab


What you can do with Scenes

Add a new Scene

Trigger a Scene

Edit a Scene

Delete a Scene


What you can do with Scenes

Scenes are the best way to control a group of lights to create the perfect mood for any room in your home.

You can group multiple bulbs, switches and outlets in a single Scene. Each individual light will have its own attributes that act independently from one another. For example, you can dim one bulb, change the color of another, and turn off a switch at the same time with a single command.

To illustrate: You could create a Bedtime Scene to turn off your bedroom's ceiling lights, turn your night light on, and set its color temperature to warm white. Or, set up a Reading Scene to turn off your living room lights and turn on your reading lamp. You can also set a Wake Up Scene to change the color of your bedroom bulbs and use a Routine to activate the Scene automatically in the morning.

You can trigger a Scene in the mobile app by navigating to the My Home tab and tapping on Scenes. Here, you can activate, edit, or set up a new Scene.


Add a new Scene

In the mobile app:

  1. Tap My Home
  2. Under Scenes, tap Add a Scene
  3. Tap on the devices that you will be adding to the scene
  4. Tap Next
  5. Give your Scene a name
  6. To change the Scene's icon, tap on the magic wand icon next to your Scene's name and then tap Done
  7. Under Set up devices, select a device
  8. Tap the gear icon to Add more device settings:
    • Device State
    • Brightness
    • Color
    • Color Temperature
  9. Tap Done to save each device's settings
  10. Tap Test Scene to run the Scene before saving
  11. Tap Done again to finalize setup

This completes the creation of your new Scene.


Trigger a Scene

There are several ways to trigger a Scene. You can do so through the SmartThings mobile app, through an automation via Routines and Smart Lights, and through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

To trigger a Scene in the SmartThings mobile app:

  1. Tap on My Home
  2. Tap on Scenes
  3. Tap on the icon of your Scene


Scenes and Routines

Routines can be configured to automatically run at certain times or when certain events occur. To illustrate: You can set up the I'm Back! Routine to run when you come home. When detecting that you've returned home via your mobile device, SmartThings could automatically set your thermostat to the temperature you'd like, unlock your front door, and run a Scene that turns your outside lights on while changing the color of your living room bulbs.

See How to create automations with Routines to get started.


Scenes and Smart Lights

Smart Lights is a SmartApp that is tailored specifically to creating lighting automations. While Routines are great for automating many different smart devices in your home, Smart Lights focuses specifically on outlets, switches, bulbs and plugs, and features triggers that may not be possible in Routines, such as illuminance and the state of a connected door lock. For example, you may want to configure a Smart Lights automation to activate a Scene that turns off your living room lights and turns on your outside lights when you lock your door.

See our guide to Smart Lights to get started.


Scenes and Voice Assistants

If you've already added Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to SmartThings and granted blanket permissions, you should be ready to start using your Voice Assistant to activate a Scene!

By default, Alexa and Google Assistant receive blanket permissions to access all of your SmartThings devices, Routines, and Scenes. If you edited permissions for Alexa and Google Assistant to remove blanket permissions and limit their access to certain devices, see our guides to adding new devices to Amazon Alexa and adding new devices to Google Assistant to add Scenes to your Voice Assistant.



Edit a Scene

  1. Tap My Home
  2. Under Scenes, tap the gear icon in the corner of a Scene’s tile
  3. Here, you can edit the following:
    • Rename the Scene
    • Change the Scene's icon, by tapping on the current icon
    • Change what each device does, by tapping its name
    • Delete existing devices, by swiping their name left
    • Add additional devices, by tapping the Add Devices button
    • Delete the Scene, by tapping Delete Scene
  4. Tap Done to save any changes made to the Scene


Delete a Scene

  1. Tap My Home
  2. Under Scenes, tap the gear icon in the corner of a Scene’s tile
  3. Tap Delete Scene
  4. Confirm removal (this cannot be undone)


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