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How do I factory reset my ADT Security Hub?

To completely redo your ADT Security Hub and SmartThings configuration and start from scratch, you can factory reset your ADT Security Hub by deleting the associated SmartThings Location and performing a reset on the ADT Security Hub panel with the steps below.

NOTE: Resetting the Hub will restore factory settings and will not cancel an ADT Professional Monitoring Service subscription should you be enrolled in one. All device connections, automations, rules, configurations, and SmartApps associated with that Hub will be lost in the reset. All devices connected to your Hub will have to be reset or excluded before they can be reconnected. The steps for resetting and reconnecting each device differ. After resetting, you can go here, find the devices you wish to set up, and follow the guides provided. Remember that you will likely need to reset or “exclude” every device before connecting them again.

Additionally, if you are enrolled in an ADT Professional Monitoring Service, you will need to cancel or update your subscription before resetting.


In the SmartThings Classic app:

  1. Tap the menu (Android) / More (iOS)
  2. Tap the gear icon beside the Location
  3. Tap Remove Location
  4. Tap Delete to confirm (IMPORTANT: deleting a Location cannot be undone)


Next, on the ADT Security Hub panel:

  1. Unplug the A/C adaptor and backup battery
  2. Reconnect the A/C adaptor and backup battery
  3. Once the Home/Emergency button starts flashing, press and hold until both buttons stop flashing
  4. Your Hub will now reboot and restore to factory settings


The ADT Security Hub panel will display the Welcome message once the reset has succeeded and will be ready to be activated again.

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