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Why is my device blacklisted?

While users can add a wide range of devices, not all of these devices are compatible with SmartThings. These devices may not function as expected or may cause other devices to malfunction. To improve the user experience, we have blacklisted certain devices which are known to be incompatible with SmartThings.


Blacklisted Devices

Device Category Manufacturer Model Protocol Date Blacklisted

Door Locks

Kwikset Various models of Smartcode™ for Control4® Zigbee  October 10, 2017

Door Locks

Yale Various models of Real Living® for Control4® Zigbee October 10, 2017



What happens when I pair a blacklisted device?

When you pair a device from the above list, the device will pair with the name Blacklisted Device and a generic “unknown” icon. The device details screen will also show a warning of “This device is known to be incompatible with SmartThings and may not function as expected or cause other devices to malfunction."


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