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How do I use my phone as a presence sensor?

How to add your phone or tablet as a mobile presence device during initial setup

The mobile presence feature gives SmartThings the ability to know when you come and go using the same location services that your smartphone or cellular-connected tablet uses every day.

When you first sign in to the SmartThings app, we will ask for your permission to use these innate location services.

NOTE: You cannot set up a tablet without cellular service as a mobile presence device


How to use a phone or a tablet as a presence sensor

You can enable this feature at any time by following these steps in the SmartThings app:

  1. From the Home screen, select Menu (Menu icon) and touch the gear icon
  2. Toggle the switch for Use phone location to the ON position
  3. Touch Allow to grant SmartThings permission to access your location information


Set up your geolocation so you can configure Automations to trigger when you leave or arrive at your home.

  1. From the Home screen, select More Options (More Options icon) and touch Manage (Location name)
  2. Touch Geolocation
  3. Touch and drag to move your geolocation and pinch in or out to adjust the size
  4. Touch Done


How to configure mobile presence alerts

Use Custom Automations to configure an alarm that will notify you when a mobile presence device comes and goes.