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Troubleshooting: GE device can’t be turned on/off manually (Z-Wave)

GE in-wall devices

If you can't turn your in-wall switch, dimmer, or receptacle on/off manually at the physical switch or button, the device may need to be re-wired. As much as our support team would love to help, we're not electricians and are unequipped to give wiring advice. We recommend having the device professionally installed, but if you're one of those DIY types, please make sure you consult the manufacturer's instructions.

These instructions apply to:


GE plug-in modules

The GE plug-in modules and dimmer can be turned on and off manually by pressing the button on the device. Pressing the button will pass power through to any compatible appliance connected to the Z-Wave outlet on the device.

If you cannot control your GE module manually, move it to another outlet.

These instructions apply to: