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FortrezZ Moisture Sensor

The FortrezZ Moisture Sensor (also known as the original SmartSense Moisture Sensor, but not to be confused with the newer SmartSense Moisture Sensor) is a Z-Wave-based moisture sensor that alerts you when moisture is detected. This indoor-only sensor can identify leaks on the basement floor, under a sink, around the washing machine, or in a bathroom.

For a quick look at the FortrezZ Moisture Sensor and how it could work in your home, check out this video.


Meet The FortrezZ Moisture Sensor


How to connect the FortrezZ Moisture Sensor in the SmartThings app

Note: The FortrezZ Moisture Sensor is supported in the US, UK, and Singapore.

In the SmartThings mobile app:

  1. From the Home screen, touch the Plus (+) icon and select Device
  2. Select FortrezZ and touch Water leak sensor
  3. Touch Start
  4. Choose a Hub for the device
  5. Choose a Room for the device and touch Next
  6. While the Hub searches,
    1. Pull the battery tab found in the sensor
    2. Press the button once 


How to reset the FortrezZ Moisture Sensor

If the FortrezZ Moisture Sensor was not discovered, you may need to reset, or “exclude,” the device before it can successfully connect with the SmartThings Hub. To do this in the SmartThings app:

  1. From the Home screen, touch Menu (Menu icon), and select Devices
  2. Touch the Hub and select More Options (More Options menu icon)
  3. Touch Z-Wave utilities and select Z-Wave exclusion
  4. When prompted, press the button until the LED blinks 3 times

After the app indicates that the device was successfully removed from SmartThings, follow the first set of instructions above to connect the FortrezZ Moisture Sensor.


Troubleshooting the FortrezZ Moisture Sensor

If the moisture sensor did not connect with the Hub, press its button and observe the LED.

If the LED does NOT light up when pressing the sensor’s button, check the following:

  • Batteries: The batteries may be drained and need to be replaced. Also check that the batteries are seated correctly and that the black battery holder isn't cracked or broken. This could lead to no contact with the batteries.
  • Wiring: Check the wiring inside the enclosure. If any wires are disconnected or broken, the device won't function. Contact SmartThings Support if there is obvious physical damage to the device.

If the LED does light up when pressing the sensor’s button:

  • Range: Make sure the device is close to the SmartThings Hub. This device is particularly sensitive to range issues when connecting for the first time, so place the sensor within 5 feet of the Hub when first connecting the device.
  • Connection with another controller: If there is one slow blink after pressing the button, the sensor is already connected to a controller. See instructions for resetting/removing/excluding your device below (Resetting the FortrezZ Moisture Sensor).
  • LED behavior: For more information about what the LED’s blinks mean, check the manufacturer's manual.



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