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Troubleshooting: FortrezZ Moisture Sensor won’t detect moisture or update its status

These instructions apply to the FortrezZ Moisture Sensor.

If the Moisture Sensor is not detecting moisture, or if its status is stuck on "wet" or "dry," try the following:

Tap the Moisture Sensor's program button once and observe the LED status. If the LED does not light up when tapping the program button, the Moisture Sensor is not sending commands to the Hub. Try the following to troubleshoot:

  • The batteries may be drained and need to be replaced.
  • Check that the batteries are seated correctly and that the black battery holder isn't cracked or broken.
  • Check the wiring inside the enclosure. If any wires are disconnected or broken, the device won't function.

If the LED does blink after tapping the program button, this means the device is connected to the Hub. Check the following to get moisture detection working:

  • The sensor may be out of range of the Hub and unable to report its status. Bring the Moisture Sensor closer to the Hub, or extend the range of the Z-Wave network using network repeaters.
  • The sensor may not have been properly connected to the Hub. Remove and reconnect the device to your Hub. Remove the device from SmartThings by following these reset instructions. You can then reconnect the SmartSense Moisture Sensor.

Also check the manufacturer's manual for specifications, details, and help.