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My lock won’t connect to SmartThings

These instructions apply to compatible locks. Please check the Works with SmartThings page to confirm that your lock is supported by SmartThings.


Troubleshooting Your Lock

If you're having trouble connecting your door lock with your Hub, check the following:

  • Batteries: Make sure the batteries are not drained and that the lock is responding.
  • Range: Your lock may be too far away to connect to the SmartThings Hub. Before installing the lock in a door, first try connecting the lock with SmartThings while within 10 feet of the Hub (see below for lock-specific connection instructions).
  • Connection with another controller: If you bought a used or refurbished lock or are switching from a different system to the SmartThings Hub (or to a new Hub), you'll need to remove the network settings from your lock before connecting it with your Hub (see below for removal instructions).


Connecting Your Lock

Follow the connection instructions specific to your lock. Search the Support site to find instructions for SmartThings-compatible locks, or explore these sections of our Support site:


Removing Your Lock

If your lock has previous network settings from another controller, or if it failed to connect with the SmartThings Hub, follow the instructions below.

Z-Wave locks:

  1. Tap the menu (Android) / More (iOS)
  2. Tap the Hub
  3. Tap Z-Wave Utilities
  4. Tap General Device Exclusion
  5. When you see the message "Please follow manufacturer's instructions to remove the Z-Wave device from My SmartThings," follow your lock's removal/exclusion process

If executed successfully, you will see a message saying "Z-Wave lock has been successfully removed from My SmartThings." You can then follow the lock-specific instructions to connect the device.

ZigBee locks:

First, remove the device via the SmartThings app:

  1. Tap My Home
  2. Tap Things
  3. Tap the device you wish to remove
  4. Tap the gear icon
  5. Tap Remove
  6. Confirm removal (this cannot be undone)

Next, physically reset the device according to the manufacturer's instructions. You can then follow the lock-specific instructions to connect the device.


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