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Remotec Technology Plug-In Dimmer (ZDS-100)

What more is there to say about how wonderfully versatile smart dimmers and outlets are? If you're in the market for smart outlets, you probably already know that you can pair them with SmartThings to turn lights on and off, adjust a lamp's brightness, or control other appliances. Remotec offers a couple such smart outlets.

The Remotec Technology Plug-In Dimmer is a pluggable Z-wave module that has an outlet for dimmable lamps and an always-on outlet for standard control. This handy dimmer is for use with incandescent lights only.



Connect the Remotec Technology Plug-In Dimmer in the SmartThings app

From the SmartThings mobile app:

  1. From the Home screen, touch the Plus (+) icon and select Device
  2. Select Remotec Technology
  3. Touch Start
  4. Choose a Hub for the device
  5. Choose a Room for the device and touch Next
  6. While the Hub searches press the button once


To reset the Remotec Technology Plug-In Dimmer

If the Remotec Technology Plug-In Dimmer was not detected, you may need to reset the device through a Z-Wave exclusion before it can successfully connect with the SmartThings Hub. To do so in the SmartThings mobile app:

  1. From the Home screen, touch Menu (Menu icon), and select Devices
  2. Touch the Hub and select More Options (More Options menu icon)
  3. Touch Z-Wave utilities and select Z-Wave exclusion
  4. When prompted, press the button on the device

After the app indicates that the device was successfully removed from SmartThings, follow the first set of instructions above to connect the Remotec Technology Plug-In Dimmer.


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