SmartThings Support

What can SmartThings do for me?

The SmartThings app and Hub will instantly connect to different sensors, locks, light switches, outlets, thermostats, and other compatible devices in your home. These devices can then communicate with you and one another to offer you home security, peace of mind, and limitless possibilities.

Since SmartThings is compatible with hundreds of smart devices from a variety of manufacturers, once you have a SmartThings Hub and the free SmartThings app, you can add as many other popular smart devices as you want to create a fully connected home.

You can:

  • Lock and unlock your doors from anywhere.
  • Control and automate your lights from wherever you are.
  • Protect valuable items and secure off-limit areas of your home.
  • Get instant alerts if there's unexpected movement or entry in your home.
  • Trigger an alarm to sound if there's unwanted motion or entry.
  • Be notified if doors, windows, and cabinets open unexpectedly.

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