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Cree Connected LED Bulb

The Cree Connected LED Bulb is a ZigBee-based, dimmable LED bulb that you can control using SmartThings. What appears to be an ordinary light is actually an advanced device that can transform your home into a fully functional smart home.

Control the light directly from your phone, configure it to automatically greet you when you come home from work, or brighten it slowly to wake you up naturally in the morning. When receiving power, this bulb will act as a signal repeater to extend the range of your ZigBee mesh network.



To connect the Cree Connected LED Bulb with SmartThings

In the SmartThings app:

  1. From the Home screen, touch the Plus (+) icon and select Device
  2. Select Cree and touch Lighting
  3. Touch Start
  4. Choose a Hub for the device
  5. Choose a Room for the device and touch Next
  6. While the Hub searches, install and power on the light


To reset the Cree Connected LED Bulb

If the Cree bulb was not discovered, you may need to reset the device before it can successfully connect with the SmartThings Hub.

  1. Turn the bulb off for two (2) seconds, then on for one (1) second
  2. Repeat 4 times

*NOTE: Try to time this as consistently as possible. If exactly 2 seconds between ON and OFF events isn't showing results, try approximately 1.5 seconds instead of 2.



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