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Zen Thermostat

The Zen Thermostat is a ZigBee device that works with SmartThings to monitor and control your home's climate. Keeping your home in the perfect temperature range has never been easier! Once combined with Routines and phrases, the thermostat can automatically adjust set-points to suit your needs and comfort.

Zen keeps you cool on scorching summer days, makes your home warm and cozy during snowy winters, and looks dang fine all the while. But before you can reach this state of Nirvana, you have to set up the Zen Thermostat.

Note: The Zen Thermostat is compatible with the SmartThings Classic app.



To connect the Zen Thermostat with the SmartThings Hub

In order to use the Zen Thermostat with SmartThings, the device must first be installed and powered.

First, head over to Zen's online wiring/installation guide to get everything set up. If you need some tips on making sure the Zen Thermostat is compatible with your home's wiring, take a look at the manual linked at the bottom of this article. Once you have everything configured, you'll be ready to connect the thermostat to your SmartThings Hub.

Next, in the SmartThings Classic app:

  1. Tap My Home
  2. Under Things, tap Add a Thing at the bottom of your Things list
  3. The app will say Looking for devices…
  4. While the Hub searches, remove the main display from the thermostat's mounting bracket
  5. Tap the thermostat's screen to activate it
  6. Press the Network button on the back of the thermostat 5 times to join
  7. When the device is discovered, it will be listed at the top of the screen
  8. Tap the device to rename it and tap Done
  9. When finished, tap Save
  10. Tap Ok to confirm


To reset the Zen Thermostat

If the Zen Thermostat was not discovered, you may need to reset the device before it can successfully connect with the SmartThings Hub. To do this:

  1. Remove the main display from the thermostat's mounting bracket
  2. Tap the screen to activate the thermostat
  3. On the back of the main display, press the Network button 10 times to reset
  4. Follow the first set of steps above to pair the thermostat with your Hub


To remove the Zen Thermostat from SmartThings

If the Zen Thermostat is connected but not operating as normal, you may need to remove the device and reconnect it with the SmartThings Hub.

To remove the device via the SmartThings Classic app:

  1. Tap My Home
  2. Tap Things
  3. Select the device
  4. Tap the gear icon
  5. Tap Remove
  6. Confirm removal (this cannot be undone)


For technical specifications and product details, visit our Works With SmartThings page here.



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