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My tracking number says my SmartThings package was already delivered

There’s nothing worse than getting a notification that your brand-new SmartThings devices were delivered, rushing home, and then finding an empty doorstep. OK, there are plenty of things worse than that, but it’s super disappointing.

We don’t have more insight into the tracking status of your package than you do, but we do commonly see the same scenarios:

  • Your package may have been misdelivered to your neighbors. (You’d be surprised how often this happens.) So be neighborly and ask around!
  • If you live in a rural area, it’s possible that the carrier scanned the package at an outpost and marked it as “Delivered” then. In this case, the package should be delivered soon after.
  • Some local post offices won’t deliver to certain locations and instead hold packages until customers can come pick them up. But if this situation applies to you, you probably already knew that!
  • We’ve noticed that with FedEx, packages are sometimes marked as “Delivered,” but in reality, are still on the truck. The next day, the package’s tracking status may revert to “Out for Delivery” once more and then be delivered.
  • The carrier might have more information, but often not. Of course, you’re free to contact them, but be aware that you may not find your answer there.
  • USPS recycles tracking numbers for international orders, which can cause understandable confusion. If you’re a Canadian, for example, you might receive an email from SmartThings with the message “I noticed your SmartThings shipment was recently delivered.” But there’s no package, and the order was placed just a day or two before. When you check the tracking information, it says the package was delivered to Russia 16 months earlier. This is a case of USPS reusing the same tracking number from a previous international order. The tracking information should update with the correct status within a few days.

If it looks like your SmartThings are well and truly lost, contact support and we will do everything we can to help you out. You can also read up on our general shipping policies here.

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