Aren’t you glad you joined the SmartThings family? We sure are! And we’ve given you handy controls to keep the people closest to you even closer. Family lets you stay connected to those who matter most by seeing when people, pets, and cars have arrived or left home.








To access Family:

  1. Tap My Home
  2. Tap Family


What you can do with Family:

The Family view shows you at a glance who’s home and who’s away, including spouses, kids, roommates, guests, and even cars—anyone or anything that has an Arrival Sensor or mobile presence device (like a smartphone) connected with your account. You can also see when family members came and left home.

If you want more information about someone’s activity, simply tap their image. This will bring you to the detailed device view of your family member’s presence sensor:

Right Now: This displays the presence sensor’s Present or Away status and any additional readings or details, such as its battery life.

Recently: Here, you will see a list of that device’s recent activity, like when a family member arrived home or went out.

SmartApps: The SmartApps tab shows SmartApps already configured for that presence sensor.


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