SmartThings Support

Notifications in the SmartThings Classic app

Notifications in the SmartThings Classic app lets you see what’s currently happening in your home and what happened recently.


To access Notifications in the SmartThings Classic app:

  1. Tap the More menu
  2. Tap Notifications


What you can do with Notifications:

Messages provides a summary of the actions SmartThings has performed at your request, as well as notifications or alerts you’ve asked to receive. You will see important messages from your home, like alerts about a door being opened or your spouse arriving home, including when they occurred. Messages will also tell you about Mode changes, Routines, battery life warnings for devices, and more.

Activity Feed provides a running list of events and activity from all connected devices in your smart home. This view tells you when a sensor registers temperature, motion, humidity, contact, vibration, etc. You’ll also see when lights are turned on or off, doors are locked or unlocked, pets go inside or outside, and more.