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Menu options in the SmartThings Classic app

In the SmartThings Classic app, the three lines (in the top left corner for Android / in the bottom right for iOS) represent the More menu , which includes the following features and settings.

Android iOS



Location controls

Location: This shows your selected Location.

Dropdown menu: Tap the dropdown menu to switch between Locations or to + Add New Location

Gear icon: Tap the gear icon to edit your current Location’s settings

Go here for more information about Location settings.

Mode: Below the Location name is that Location’s current Mode.

For example: Mode is: Away

Go here for more information about how to use Modes.



This shows the connectivity of the Hub at the current Location.

For example: Hub is: Online

Tap the Hub to access Z-Wave Utilities and ZigBee Utilities. Learn more about those utilities here!

Go here for troubleshooting tips if your Hub is offline.



Notifications lets you see what’s currently happening in your home and what happened recently.

Messages provides a summary of the actions SmartThings has performed at your request, as well as notifications or alerts you’ve asked to receive. You will see important messages from your home, like alerts about a door being opened or your spouse arriving home, including when they occurred. Messages will also tell you about Mode changes, Routines, battery life warnings for devices, and more.

Activity Feed provides a running list of events and activity from all connected devices in your smart home. This view tells you when a sensor registers temperature, motion, humidity, contact, vibration, etc. You’ll also see when lights are turned on or off, doors are locked or unlocked, pets go inside or outside, and more.


Manage Users


Use Manage Users to share your SmartThings Location and give access to your Smart Home to your friends and family. Here, you can invite or remove users on a Location by Location basis.

Click here to learn more about Location sharing in the SmartThings Classic app.


Device Health


Opt-in to Device Health and we will check in on certain devices regularly to make sure they are functioning and communicating with the Hub. We will also keep an eye on the battery life of your devices.

Find more information on Device Health here.


My Account

Tap to access your account settings.

From My Account you can: Change Password and Log Out.

Go here for more information about account management.


Fingerprint Authentication/Touch ID


Fingerprint Authentication (Android) and Touch ID (iOS) allow you to securely access the SmartThings Classic app without the need to enter a PIN or password each time the app is opened.

Once the feature is enabled, you will be required to scan your fingerprint upon opening the SmartThings app if you haven't opened it in a while. Click here to learn more about Fingerprint Authentication and Touch ID.

Note: This feature is only available on Android and iOS devices that support Fingerprint Authentication and Touch ID.



Tap here to visit the SmartThings Support Help Center or send an email to our Support team. You can also help us debug issues or view information about the current version of the app.


What’s new in this version

Tap here to view what features have been changed or added since the last app update. We’re always working to improve our mobile app. When we make these changes, we’re eager to share what’s new so you can start taking advantage right away.