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How to create lighting automations with Smart Lights in SmartThings Classic

If you want a light to turn on when you come home, turn off at sunrise, or do any number of other things, the Smart Lights/Lighting SmartApp in the SmartThings Classic app is your solution.

To illustrate how Smart Lights can work for you, these instructions will walk you through an example of how to:

Turn on the hallway light when you arrive home.

First, access Smart Lights through the SmartThings Classic mobile app:

  1. Tap Marketplace
  2. Tap SmartApps
  3. Tap SmartThings Recommends
  4. Tap Smart Lights

Next, choose which light you want to control:

  1. Tap New Lighting Automation
  2. Tap Which lights do you want to control?
  3. Select the box for the hallway light
  4. Tap Done

Then, tell Smart Lights what you want the hallway light to do:

  1. Tap What do you want to do?
  2. Select the button for Turn On

Next, tell Smart Lights how you want to trigger the light to turn on:

  1. Tap How do you want to trigger the action?
  2. Under When we detect:, select the box for Arrival/Departure
  3. Tap Done
  4. Tap Which presence sensors?
  5. Select the box for your presence sensor and/or mobile phone
  6. Tap Done
  7. Tap Turn on when
  8. Select the button for Someone Arrives
  9. Tap Next


  1. Tap Done to accept the automatically generated name for your lighting automation, OR
  1. Toggle Edit automation name
  2. Enter a custom name (e.g., “Turn on hallway light when I get home”)
  3. Tap Done

That’s it!

As you were configuring this simple automation, you may have noticed other, more advanced options. Smart Lights lets you add several restrictions and parameters to totally customize your lighting automations.

If you’re ready for the next level of automation, keep reading to learn how to:

Turn on the hallway light when you arrive home, but only between 5:00 and 10:00 PM on Saturday when the Mode is set to Away.

First, access Smart Lights to edit your existing automation (Note: Once you have completed a single lighting automation, Smart Lights will be accessible through the Automations menu):

  1. Tap Automations
  2. Tap SmartApps
  3. Tap Smart Lighting
  4. Tap “Turn on hallway light when I get home”

Next, scroll down to More options to set the automation time between 5:00 and 10:00 PM:

  1. Tap Only during a certain time
  2. Tap Start time
  3. Set to 5:00 PM
  4. Tap End time
  5. Set to 10:00 PM
  6. Tap Done

Then, tell Smart Lights to only run the automation on Saturday:

  1. Tap Only on certain days of the week
  2. Select the box for Saturday
  3. Tap Done

Next, tell Smart Lights to only run the automation when the Mode is Away:

  1. Tap Only when mode is
  2. Select the box for Away
  3. Tap Done

Finally, save the changes to your lighting automation:

  1. Tap Next
  2. Tap Done

As you can see, there are lots of different options and settings that offer full customization, including turning lights on, off, or on and set to a specified brightness. Smart Lights automations can also be configured to run when SmartThings detects the following events through connected sensors:

  • Motion
  • Open/Close
  • Active/Inactive
  • Lock/Unlocked
  • Arrival/Departure
  • Switch Turned On/Off
  • Button Pressed/Held

A Smart Lights automation can also be triggered at sunrise, at sunset, or at a specific time (as demonstrated above), as well as when the Mode changes.

Note: Smart Lights is also where you should go to automate small appliances controlled by smart switches or outlets. A garage door, thermostat, lock, or other device not on a switch is best automated through Routines. To monitor your home and get alerts when there’s unexpected activity, use Smart Home Monitor.

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