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How to create automations with Routines in SmartThings Classic

Routines in the SmartThings Classic app offers a convenient way to change which Mode your home is in and to automate garage door openers, locks, and thermostats.

To illustrate how Routines can work for you, these instructions will walk you through an example of how to:

Lock the front door when your family leaves home.

First, add a new Routine through the SmartThings Classic mobile app:

  1. Tap Automations
  2. Under Routines, tap Add a Routine at the bottom of your Routines
  3. Tap “What do you want to do?” to name the Routine (e.g., “Lock Front Door”)
  4. Tap Next

Next, choose a lock to automate:

  1. Tap Lock these doors
  2. Select the box for your front door lock
  3. Tap Done

Then, set when you want this Routine to automatically run:

  1. Under Additional settings, tap Automatically perform “Lock Front Door”
  2. Tap Everyone leaves
  3. Under All of these people, tap Which?
  4. Select the box(es) for your family’s presence sensor(s)
  5. Tap Done
  6. Adjust the Action delay time as desired
  7. Tap Done again
  8. Tap Done once more to complete setup

That’s it!

Your front door should then automatically lock once everyone has left the house. You can also manually trigger the “Lock Front Door” Routine by tapping its icon in the main Routines view.

As you were configuring this simple automation, you may have noticed other, more advanced options. Routines lets you add several restrictions and parameters to totally customize your automations.

If you’re ready for the next level of automation, keep reading to learn how to:

Lock the front door when your family leaves home, but only on weekdays, and change the Mode to Away.

First, access the Routine you just made to edit it:

  1. Tap Automations
  2. Under Routines, tap the gear icon for “Lock Front Door”

Next, configure the Routine to trigger only on weekdays:

  1. Under Additional settings, tap Automatically perform “Lock Front Door”
  2. Tap Everyone leaves
  3. Under And, optionally, tap Only on certain days of the week
  4. Select the boxes for Monday through Friday
  5. Tap Done
  6. Tap Done again

Then, tell the Routine to also change the Mode to Away:

  1. Back out of the Automatically perform “Lock Front Door” when… screen, or otherwise navigate to the What do you want to happen? screen
  2. Tap Change the mode to
  3. Select the button for Away
  4. Tap Done to save changes to the Routine

As you can see, there are lots of different options and settings that offer full customization, including triggering devices to perform an action when someone arrives, when everyone leaves, when motion is detected, when a door opens or closes, at a certain time, at sunrise or sunset, only during certain Modes, when an alarm status changes (ADT Security Hub only), etc.

You can also set up a Routine to perform several different actions simultaneously, like locking your door, adjusting the thermostat, and dimming the lights—all at once. So experiment and have fun fully automating your home!

Note: A light, lamp, or other small appliance on a switch is best automated through Smart Lights/Lighting; go here to read about how to set up a lighting automation. To monitor your home and get alerts when there’s unexpected activity, use Smart Home Monitor.