SmartThings Support

How to edit Location settings in the SmartThings Classic app

To edit an existing Location in the SmartThings Classic app:

  1. Tap the More menu
  2. Tap the gear icon beside the Location
    • To choose a different Location, tap the dropdown arrow and then tap the gear icon for the Location


Within Location settings, you will find:


Location Name

Tap to edit.


Location Picture

Tap to take your own photo or choose one from our library.


Location Placement

Tap the map. The red pin should automatically center on your GPS coordinates. If needed, long press to place the pin in a new spot on the map, or tap and hold the pin to drag it.

NOTE: If your time or time zone is incorrect or needs to be updated, re-place the Location pin and save changes. Temporarily moving the pin outside your time zone and then moving it to the correct location and time zone may also help.


Location Geofence

Tap the map. Tap and drag the dot to change the size of the geofence surrounding your home.


Temperature Scale

Choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius.


Add a Hub (Android) /Connect a Hub Now (iOS)

Tap to add a Hub, and then follow the in-app instructions. You can also check out this guide to how to set up the Hub.

This option is only available if a Hub is not already connected. You can have only one Hub per Location.


Connected Hub

Tap the name of your connected Hub for additional information and options. You can view its status (active or inactive), the date it came online, and its firmware version. Z-Wave Utilities include General Device Exclusion (which you will need to activate to reset, or “exclude,” a Z-Wave device), Join or Leave Existing Z-Wave Network, and Repair Z-Wave Network.


View Modes

The Modes include Away, Home, and Night.


Remove Location

Removal of a Location will reset the associated Hub and restore its factory settings. It will also disconnect all devices and uninstall all SmartApps. Removing a Location cannot be undone.


When you have finished editing or configuring your Location, tap Done to save changes.