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What happens if the power goes out or I lose my internet connection?

Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v2)

Hub v2 is able to perform some local processing and features a battery backup (4 AA batteries, included but not preinstalled).

If the power goes out, the Hub's batteries are expected to last up to 10 hours. This allows certain preconfigured automations to continue even without power.

Some of the processing that has previously existed in the cloud, like for certain SmartApps and device types, now automatically occurs locally in the Hub. Some automations driven by ZigBee or Z-Wave devices will no longer have to make that round trip from the device, to the Hub, up to the cloud, and back.

Please check back soon for a more detailed guide to local processing and how it works.

Note: An active internet connection to the Hub is always required to manually control your devices and SmartApps via the SmartThings mobile app.


Hub v1

Version 1 of the SmartThings Hub requires a persistent power source and internet connection in order to communicate with the SmartThings cloud. Hub v1 must be connected via Ethernet and micro-USB at all times in order for your Hub and connected devices to function properly.

In the event of an internet or power outage, your Hub and devices will not be controllable until the internet connection and power are restored.


Not sure which version of the Hub you own? Read this article to find out.

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