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Account sharing FAQ

How do I share my account with another user?

Go here for instructions about how to send an invite, accept an invite, and remove a user.


Who can be invited to an account?

An invite to share an account can be sent to anyone, whether or not they are a SmartThings user. But in order to access shared features, a new SmartThings user will have to create their own SmartThings account following steps from the automatically generated invitation email.


What will added users have access to?

All Locations of which you are admin owner will be available to added users. Users will have access to the same Location-level controls as the account owner: adding and deleting devices, installing and removing SmartApps, editing Routines, etc.


Can I limit what an individual user has access to?

No. We are working on user-specific permissions, but they are not available at this time.


Does Location sharing trickle down across multiple users?

No. For example: User A gives you access to Location A, of which User A is the admin owner. You are the admin owner of Location B. If you then share with User C, User C will have access to Location B, NOT Locations A and B.


Is account sharing automatically mutual?

No. When you share your account with a user, they will have access to your Locations, but you will not have access to theirs. If that user wishes to share their account with you, they must invite and add you as detailed here.


Does removing a user immediately revoke their access to my Locations?

If sharing is removed while that user is logged in, they may still be able to view devices, Rooms, etc. However, the user will not get any updates from the cloud and cannot send any information to the cloud. They will NOT be able to control devices, edit SmartApps, delete Routines, or make any other changes to your account.

The previously shared Location(s) will automatically disappear from the user's view shortly, or as soon as they log out.


Where can I view my Locations?

All Locations you have access to, whether you are the admin owner or added user, are viewable under the main menu:

  1. Tap the menu (Android) / More (iOS)
    • Your current Location will display
    • Tap the dropdown arrow to see and switch between all Locations you have access to


How do I set a phone as a mobile presence device?

When a user is added to an account, they may wish to use their phone as a mobile presence device for that shared account/Location(s). Setting up a phone as a mobile presence device allows SmartThings to automatically perform certain actions when that person arrives or leaves. New SmartThings users will be prompted to set this up during account creation. All users can also follow these instructions.


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