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Which version of the Hub do I have?

Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v2)



The Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub v2) is the newest version of SmartThings’ core hardware, released September, 2015. The Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit also includes Hub v2.

Hub v2 features additional capabilities not present in the Samsung Connect Home and Hub v1, including:


Local processing capabilities

Some functionalities can run locally with Hub v2. Certain automations driven by ZigBee or Z-Wave devices will no longer have to make a round trip from the device, to the Hub, up to the cloud, and back.

Note: The Samsung Connect Home does support local processing, while the v1 Hub does not.


Battery backup

Hub v2 comes with 4 AA batteries. This battery backup allows certain automations to continue, even without power, for up to 10 hours.


Video capabilities

With Hub v2, you can view live video feeds, monitor your home, and automate video clip recording from LAN cameras, such as the Samsung SmartCam. Clips are processed through the Hub and stored in the cloud. Clip recording will be a premium paid feature of Smart Home Monitor, but all users can currently enjoy it for free. Go here to read the video FAQ.

The Samsung Connect Home, v1 Hub, and v2 Hub all support Cloud to Cloud video capabilities, such as Netgear Arlo.


USB ports

To set the groundwork for future expansion, Hub v2 includes two USB ports.


Samsung Connect Home


The Samsung Connect Home is a mesh Wi-Fi router with SmartThings Hub capabilities built in. The Connect Home will replace your current Wi-Fi router and allow you to increase the strength of your home network by using additional Wi-Fi sub hubs, as well as acting as ZigBee and Z-Wave repeaters to increase the strength of your ZigBee and Z-Wave networks. 

Note: The Connect Home requires the SmartThings app in order to be set up.


SmartThings Hub (Hub v1)



The SmartThings Hub (Hub v1) is the first-generation Hub. This Hub is no longer manufactured or sold in the official SmartThings Shop, but it may still be found through other vendors.




How do the SmartThings Hubs compare?



SmartThings Hub

(Hub v1)


Samsung SmartThings Hub

(Hub v2)

Samsung Connect Home

Battery backup

Local processing capabilities

LAN video capabilities

Cloud to Cloud video capabilities

USB ports



Requires: ethernet, power

Requires: SmartThings app

Model number







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