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SmartThings is excited to unveil a brand-new integration that will enable you to control and monitor your smart home from your BMW. By accessing your SmartThings account via the BMW in-car display, you will be able to trigger custom Routines, stay connected with family members by seeing who’s home, and get important alerts about what’s happening in and around your home through Smart Home Monitor. Your BMW can also sense when it comes within close range of your home and prompt you to open your garage door.


Which BMW models support SmartThings?

BMW vehicles produced after July 2013 equipped with the ConnectedDrive feature will be able to utilize the SmartThings integration.


What is BMW ConnectedDrive?

Visit the BMW website to learn all about ConnectedDrive.


Which versions of the SmartThings app work with BMW?

Version 2.0.7 (and newer) of the SmartThings app for Android supports this integration. The iOS version will follow.


How do I access SmartThings through ConnectedDrive?

  1. Connect your phone with your BMW by plugging it in via USB, or connect your phone via Bluetooth if you have the all-new BMW 7 Series (other models supporting Bluetooth may follow)
  2. Navigate to SmartThings under your BMW ConnectedDrive apps


If you access the BMW ConnectedDrive SmartThings app and you are not logged in to your SmartThings account, you will see the message, “Please log in on your phone.”


What can I do with SmartThings + BMW?



Here’s a look at the menus and options you’ll find when accessing SmartThings through BMW ConnectedDrive:



Your selected Location within SmartThings displays at the top of the main menu. For example, “Location: Home.”


Smart Home Monitor

This feature shows Smart Home Monitor’s current alarm state and the status of Security, Leaks, and Smoke alarms (if configured).


You can change the alarm state to Armed (Away), Armed (Stay), or Disarmed.


When an alarm occurs, the “Everything OK” message will be replaced with a notification, like “Smoke Detected!” The green dot beside the alarm type will also change to red.


During an incident, you can select the alarm to view details (including when the alarm was triggered and by which sensor) or dismiss the alarm. When an alarm is dismissed, Smart Home Monitor will return to “Everything OK.”


An alert popup will also appear within the SmartThings ConnectedDrive app when Smart Home Monitor reports an alarm. From the popup, you will be able to dismiss the alarm.



Family shows the status of connected presence sensors. When someone is present at the selected Location, the dot beside his or her name will be blue; when away, the dot will be gray.



The Routines feature allows you to select and trigger custom actions. For example, you can create a Routine via the SmartThings mobile app that dims your lights and lowers the thermostat when you leave home, and then trigger that Routine from your BMW.



Use the Garage feature to open or close your garage door(s). Any garage door openers configured with your SmartThings setup will list here. Currently, SmartThings is compatible with the Linear GD00Z-4 Garage Door Opener.

As your BMW approaches your selected Location, a popup prompting you to open the garage will appear within the SmartThings ConnectedDrive app.

Opening a garage door will disarm Smart Home Monitor so that an incident or alarm will not be triggered.


My Locations

To switch between Locations, select My Locations from the main menu. Switching Location triggers an update of Smart Home Monitor, Family, Routines, and Garage information for the new Location.


Can I configure my BMW as a Thing in SmartThings?

Not yet, but we do have this feature on our roadmap. Stay tuned to the SmartThings blog for more announcements as our BMW integration develops.


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