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Samsung Clothes Dryer

Samsung Digital Appliances are not available in all regions.

The first-generation SmartThings Hub (Hub v1) does not support Samsung Digital Appliances.



* Model No: DV50K7500EV depicted above; appearance varies per model.

NOTE: This SmartThings appliance integration is currently available in the US only.


To connect the Dryer with the SmartThings Hub


1. Set up a Samsung Smart Home account


Download and install the Samsung Smart Home app for iOS or Android.

Follow the in-app instructions to create your Samsung Smart Home account.

If you already have a Samsung Smart Home account, continue to the next step.


2. Register the Dryer with Samsung Smart Home


  1. Open the Samsung Smart Home app
  2. Tap the left and right arrows or swipe through the carousel to find the Dryer
  3. Select the Dryer and tap OK to begin registration
  4. Enter your Wi-Fi credentials
    • Note: The Dryer and the SmartThings Hub must be on the same network to communicate
  5. Tap Next
  6. Follow the in-app instructions to turn on AP mode for the Dryer:
    If your Dryer has an LCD screen, select Settings > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi Network > Easy Connection
    If your Dryer has an LED display, press and hold the “Anti Static” button for 5 seconds, until “AP” shows on the appliance’s display
  7. Wait while the app proceeds through AP setup and appliance registration
  8. The app will confirm when the Dryer is successfully connected


3. Connect the Dryer via the SmartThings app


  1. Open the SmartThings app
  2. Tap Marketplace
  3. Under the Things view, tap Samsung Products
  4. Tap Samsung Dryer
  5. Tap Connect Now
  6. Continue from Step 8 below




  1. Open the SmartThings app
  2. Navigate to the Dashboard
  3. Tap Samsung Home
    • Note: If Samsung Home is missing from the Dashboard, install it through
      Marketplace > SmartApps > Samsung Home > Install
  4. Tap the gear icon
  5. Tap Add New Device
  6. Tap the Dryer
  7. Wait for step 1 to complete (scanning for the Dryer)
  8. Follow instructions for step 2:
    If you have a gas dryer, press and hold the “Smart Monitor” button for 3 seconds
    For non-gas dryers, press and hold the “Anti Static” button for 3 seconds; the appliance should chime
  9. Wait for the final step to complete
  10. The app will confirm when the Dryer is successfully connected to SmartThings
  11. Tap Done to complete setup*


*Alternatively, you can set up automations for the Dryer before completing setup, such as configuring the appliance to automatically turn on or off, by selecting the options under Automation.

You can also return to this screen at any time via either of these options:


Option 1:

  1. Tap My Home
  2. Tap Things
  3. Tap the Dryer
  4. Tap the gear icon
  5. Tap Guided Setup


Option 2:

  1. Tap My Home
  2. Tap Things
  3. Tap the Dryer
  4. Tap the SmartApps tab
  5. Tap Dryer (Connect)


To control and monitor the Dryer



After connecting the Dryer, you can manually control and monitor the appliance from the Things view of the SmartThings mobile app:


  1. Tap My Home
  2. Tap Things
  3. Tap the Dryer


Alternatively, you can reach this same device details tab via the following path:


  1. Navigate to the Dashboard
  2. Tap Samsung Home
  3. Tap the Dryer


Here, at the Right Now details tab, you will find the following information about the Dryer. For more information about the appliance’s specifications and settings, consult the manual.

Note: The following options vary depending on model.


Drying Mode

Drying mode automatically sets the Dryer to optimally dry the type of clothes you select. To change the drying mode and view all options, tap the current mode (beside the dropdown arrow). The following are just a few examples of many drying modes; consult your appliance’s manual for more information.

  • Eco Normal
  • Normal
  • Heavy Duty
  • Perm Press
  • Delicates
  • Active Wear
  • Bedding PLUS
  • Etc.


Start/Pause Button

Once your desired settings are in place, tap the Start button to begin drying.

The app will indicate the hours and/or minutes remaining on the dry cycle and the estimated finish time.

You can pause the dryer at any time by tapping the Pause button, or stop it completely with the Cancel button. After selecting Cancel, tap OK to confirm.



Tap to adjust the drying temperature.


Dry Time

Use Dry time to set the desired number of minutes for drying.


Wrinkle Prevent

Turn Wrinkle Prevent ON or OFF


To remove the Dryer from SmartThings


If the Dryer is not performing optimally with SmartThings, you may need to remove and reconnect the appliance in order for it to successfully integrate with your SmartThings setup.

To remove the appliance from the SmartThings mobile app:


  1. Tap My Home
  2. Tap Things
  3. Tap the Dryer
  4. Tap the gear icon
  5. Tap Edit Device
  6. Tap Remove
  7. Confirm removal (this cannot be undone)


After successfully removing the appliance, you can reconnect it by following the connection instructions above.




If the SmartThings app is unable to find any available devices, try the following:


  1. Make sure the Dryer is powered and connected to Wi-Fi
    • For dongle-compatible appliances without built-in Wi-Fi capabilities, make sure the Wi-Fi dongle is installed correctly
  2. Make sure the SmartThings Hub and the Dryer are on the same wireless network
  3. Make sure the Dryer is registered with the Samsung Smart Home app


If you have any questions or comments relating to Samsung appliances, please contact the Samsung customer care center.






1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864)


0330 SAMSUNG (7267864)


Supported Models

For technical specifications and product details, visit our Works With SmartThings page here.

Models compatible with SmartThings (US):


US Models:



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