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Sylvania Ultra iQ LED BR30 Bulb

The Sylvania Ultra iQ LED BR30 Bulb is warm, white, and bright—emitting less heat and consuming less energy than traditional 65-watt incandescent bulbs! This ZigBee light bulb also doesn’t emit any UV radiation, so the color of your furnishings and artwork will remain vibrant.

Use SmartThings to automatically dim the Sylvania bulb or turn it on and off when activity happens in your home.

Note: The Sylvania Ultra iQ LED BR30 Bulb is compatible with the SmartThings Classic app.



To connect the Sylvania Ultra iQ LED BR30 Bulb with the SmartThings Hub

In the SmartThings Classic app:

  1. Tap My Home
  2. Under Things, tap Add a Thing at the bottom of your Things list
  3. The app will say Looking for devices…
  4. While the Hub searches, install the Sylvania bulb and turn it ON
  5. When the device is discovered, it will be listed at the top of the screen
  6. Tap the device to rename it and tap Done
  7. When finished, tap Save
  8. Tap Ok to confirm


To reset the Sylvania Ultra iQ LED BR30 Bulb

If the Sylvania bulb is not performing as expected, you may need to reset the device and/or remove and reconnect the device with the SmartThings Hub.

To remove the device via the SmartThings Classic app:

  1. Tap My Home
  2. Tap Things
  3. Select the device
  4. Tap the gear icon
  5. Tap Remove
  6. Confirm removal (this cannot be undone)


To physically reset the device:

  1. Start with the Sylvania bulb in the ON position
  2. Turn the bulb OFF and ON 8 times in a row
    • Pause for 1 second each time you turn the bulb ON or OFF
  3. After the eighth time OFF, turn ON the bulb and leave it ON
  4. Wait about 5 seconds
  5. The Sylvania bulb will flash if successfully reset


NOTE: If you repeat the reset steps, the Sylvania bulb will NOT flash again. A light bulb that has been successfully reset will not flash again after another reset.


Once reset, the Sylvania bulb is ready to be connected with the SmartThings Hub. Follow the first set of instructions above to connect the bulb.


Technical Details

  • Communication Protocol: ZigBee


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