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Dragon Tech Plug-in Modules and Dimmers

The Dragon Tech Plug-in Appliance Modules and Dimmers plug into most standard outlets and give you remote control of lights and small appliances. After connecting the Dragon Tech module with your SmartThings setup, you can turn your lights on or off from your phone, or configure your coffee pot to start brewing every morning, automatically.

Note: This device is compatible with the SmartThings Classic app.

This article will tell you how to connect the following Dragon Tech devices with the SmartThings Hub:


To connect the Dragon Tech device with the SmartThings Hub

First, plug the Dragon Tech module into an outlet. During initial connection with the SmartThings Hub, the plug-in module should be within 15 feet of the Hub. After successful connection, the module can then be moved to the desired location.

Next, in the SmartThings Classic app:

  1. Tap My Home
  2. Under Things, tap Add a Thing at the bottom of your Things list
  3. The app will say Looking for devices…
  4. While the Hub searches, press the button on the front of the module once
  5. When the device is discovered, it will be listed at the top of the screen
  6. Tap the device to rename it and tap Done
  7. When finished, tap Save
  8. Tap Ok to confirm


To reset/exclude the Dragon Tech device

If the Dragon Tech device was not discovered, you may need to reset, or “exclude,” the device before it can successfully connect with the SmartThings Hub. To do this in the SmartThings Classic app:

  1. Tap the menu (Android) / More (iOS)
  2. Tap the Hub
  3. Tap Z-Wave Utilities
  4. Tap General Device Exclusion
  5. Press the button on the front of the module once

After the app indicates that the device was successfully removed from SmartThings, follow the first set of instructions above to connect the Dragon Tech device.


To manually reset the Dragon Tech Modules

If connection or removal repeatedly fails, the module may need to be manually reset. To physically reset the module:

  1. Remove the module from the outlet
    • Also unplug any appliances from the module
  2. Press and hold the button on the front of the module
  3. Plug the module back into the outlet while holding the button
  4. After 3 seconds, release the button
    • The button will blink to indicate the module was successfully reset

After the module is manually reset, follow the steps indicated above to connect or exclude the device.



File Size
Dragon-Tech-PA100.pdf 3 MB
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