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Troubleshooting: Camera discovery failure and camera errors

If you're having trouble getting your compatible Samsung SmartCam working with SmartThings, you're in the right place. Whether your camera is already connected or not, the troubleshooting steps below may help you out!

These same steps apply to the SmartThings Labs integration for D-Link cameras. While D-Link cameras do not officially Work with SmartThings, you can connect them to your SmartThings home, but performance may vary and we will not be able to provide support or assistance beyond these tips.


SmartThings can't discover my camera

  1. Confirm the camera and Hub are on the same network
  2. Samsung SmartCam HD Pro only: Plug in the camera via Ethernet to the same router as the Hub for the initial connection
  3. Samsung SmartCam HD Plus only: Connect the camera to your network through the native Samsung Smartcam app first, then connect it to SmartThings as an existing camera
  4. Power cycle the camera by unplugging the power for 30 seconds
  5. Factory reset the camera. Note: If you are also using the native Samsung SmartCam or D-Link app, you will need to set up your camera in the native app again
    • Hold the reset button on the back until the LED on the front turns red—approximately 10 seconds. Wait for the LED to turn green before attempting to discover again. (This process applies to both Samsung SmartCam and D-Link cameras.)


My camera is showing the error message "Camera Unavailable"

  1. Confirm the light on the camera is green to ensure it has a network connection
  2. Change the camera resolution in the SmartThings app
    • Tap My Home
    • Tap Things
    • Select your camera from the list
    • On the camera device page, tap the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the camera screen
    • Choose a new resolution. Note: The app may take a few seconds to update with the new resolution
  3. Push the reboot and refresh tiles on the camera device page
  4. Switch between LTE and Wi-Fi in your phone's native settings


My camera is showing the error message "There was a problem retrieving livestream"

  1. Force close and reopen the SmartThings app
  2. Switch between LTE and Wi-Fi in your phone's native settings
  3. Reboot the Hub by pressing the red recessed button on the back

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