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Device Health

Devices connected to the platform will at times go offline, and there are several ways this can happen. For example, the Hub goes offline, network problems make Wi-Fi devices unreachable, or a device runs out of battery.

Opt in to Device Health, and we will check in on certain devices regularly to make sure they are functioning and communicating with the Hub. We will also keep an eye on the battery life of your devices.


How do I opt in to the Device Health?

  1. Tap the menu (Android) / More (iOS)
  2. Tap Device Health
  3. Toggle the Device Health switch to the ON state
  4. Tap Done

Note: Device Health is not supported by Hub v1.


What devices are included in Device Health checks?

  • Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor
  • Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor
  • Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor
  • Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor
  • Samsung SmartThings Outlet
  • SmartSense Open/Closed Sensor
  • SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor
  • Aeon Labs Door/Window and Recessed Door Sensors
  • Aeon Labs Micro Smart 2E switches and dimmers
  • Aeon Labs MultiSensor (Gen 5)
  • Belkin WeMo LED Bulb
  • Cree Connected LED Bulb
  • Ecolink Door/Window Sensor
  • Ecolink PIR Motion Detector with Pet Immunity
  • Enerwave Magnetic Door/Window Sensor
  • Enerwave switches, dimmers, and outlets (both in-wall and plug-in models)
  • Everspring Flood Sensor
  • Fibaro Flood Sensor
  • Fibaro Motion Sensor
  • FortrezZ Moisture Sensor
  • GE Portable Smart Motion Sensor
  • GE switches, dimmers, and outlets (both in-wall and plug-in models)
  • Iris Motion Sensor
  • Honeywell Total Connect Comfort (6000, 8000, and 9000 series)
  • iHome Smart Plugs
  • Iris Contact Sensor
  • Iris Smart Water Sensor
  • Jasco Hinge Pin Smart Door Sensor
  • Leviton switches, dimmers, and outlets (both in-wall and plug-in models)
  • LiFi Labs LIFX Bulbs
  • Nortek GoControl Door Window Sensor
  • Philips Hue Bridge
  • Philips Hue Bulbs
  • Remotec Technology Plug-in Dimmer
  • Sengled Element Bulbs
  • Sensative Strips
  • SYLVANIA Ultra iQ LED BR30 Bulb
  • SYLVANIA Smart Bulbs


What happens if a device becomes unavailable or the battery level gets low?

If a device becomes unavailable or the battery level gets low, there will be an alert flag anywhere the device is listed in the app. The alert will be red if the device is unavailable or orange if the battery is low.


For unavailable devices, you can see when the device was last active on the device details screen:

  1. Tap My Home
  2. Under Things, select the device
  3. For support, tap the link for Explore help topics to solve this issue


What happens if my Hub goes offline?

If the Hub goes offline for any reason, you will receive a push notification and all devices will show as unavailable in the app. Additionally, there will be an alert banner on the main screens for Dashboard, My Home, Automations, and Marketplace. If you attempt to run a Routine from the Automations screen, you will see an in-app notification indicating that the Routine may not have fully completed.


You can find the Hub status in the mobile app:

  1. Tap the menu (Android) / More (iOS)


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