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How to add additional Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi hubs

After you've added your Samsung Connect Home Wi-Fi Hub to SmartThings, it's time to connect your additional sub hub(s) to extend the range of your Wi-Fi network and your ZigBee and Z-Wave mesh networks.

Connecting the sub hub will automatically extend your Wi-Fi network and ZigBee and Z-Wave mesh networks. This means that your sub hub(s) will work as repeaters for your ZigBee and Z-Wave networks. To learn more about repeaters, check out our guide to wireless range and repeaters.


Add additional sub hubs to build a mesh network

After adding your Samsung Connect Home, you can easily add another Wi-Fi Hub at a later time. You can add up to four additional sub hubs.

Then, in the SmartThings app:

  1. From the Home screen, select the Plus (+) icon and touch Add device
    • When you first open the app, a popup may appear prompting you to add your Wi-Fi Hub–just tap Add Now and skip the next two steps
  2. Wait a moment for SmartThings to discover the Wi-Fi Hub, then select it when it appears under AVAILABLE DEVICES.
  3. If the device doesn't appear, select Samsung Connect Home under the Wi-Fi/Hub category within Samsung
  4. Select Extend (Network name) and touch OK
  5. Select a Location for the Hub or create a new one, and then touch NEXT.
  6. Select a Room for the Hub or create a new one, and then touch NEXT.
  7. Place your additional Wi-Fi Hub in an open area within 40 feet or 12 meters of another Wi-Fi Hub, and then touch NEXT.
  8. Plug in your additional Wi-Fi Hub with the power cable only (no Ethernet cable), and then touch NEXT.
  9. Touch NEXT when the LED on the front is blinking red and green.
  10. Wait a moment for SmartThings to prepare and connect your Wi-Fi Hub to the existing network
  11. When the Wi-Fi Hub setup is complete, tap Done OR tap Check Now to confirm your Wi-Fi Hubs are routing properly and tap Done when the signal strength has been verified