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How to change the SmartThings Wifi network name or password

Use the SmartThings app to manage the network name and/or password for SmartThings Wifi. 

Note: The network setting cannot be changed during a firmware update and may be unavailable to change if the Hub is disconnected, offline, or there is an issue with the connected router's network.

  • If the Hub is disconnected or offline, check the cable connections, and then verify that the modem is online and other devices can connect to the network via Ethernet. (It may be necessary to reset the Hub.)
  • If the modem is offline or is experiencing network issues, reset it.
  • If the modem functions as a router, use the Plume app to put the SmartThings Wifi into Auto (Bridge) Mode.
  1. On the mobile device, open the SmartThings app, and then touch Devices.
  2. Select the Hub's Location from the drop-down menu, and then touch the Wi-Fi Hub card.
  3. Touch More Options (3 vertical dots) > Network settings.
  4. Enter the new network name and/or password, and then touch DONE to save the changes.
    Note: Select Set network name as device name to update the Hub's device card name with the network name.

After changing the Wi-Fi network name and/or password, any devices previously connected to the network will need to be reconnected using the new name and/or password.

To update the Wi-Fi settings of a connected Samsung IoT or LAN device:

  1. On the mobile device, open the SmartThings app.
  2. From the Dashboard, touch More Options (3 vertical dots) > Settings.
  3. Touch Update Wi-Fi information, and then select a device from the pop-up. The device must be powered on to apply the changes. (Only one device can be selected at a time).
    Note: Only IoT and LAN devices will appear.

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