SmartThings Support

View and manage devices on the SmartThings Wifi network

Use the SmartThings app to view devices that are currently connected to the SmartThings Wifi network or to manage the connected devices.


View devices on the network

  1. On the mobile device, open the SmartThings app, and then touch Devices.
  2. Select the Hub's Location from the drop-down menu, and then touch the Wi-Fi Hub card.
  3. To view all connected devices, touch the Connected devices icon. The number of devices shown may vary depending on how many devices are connected.
    Note: For advanced settings such as scheduling restricted usage times or IP reservations, use the Plume app. Touch Advanced settings in Plume to access the Plume app.
  4. On the DEVICES ON NETWORK page, view the devices that are currently connected to the network.


Manage a device

  1. Select a device to view more information about. For this example, touch Galaxy S9.
  2. Manage the selected device with the available options.
    • Note: The available options to manage include the following:
      • Name: Enter a new name for the device.
      • Freeze internet access: Freeze the device's access to the internet. The device will not have internet access until this is toggled off. You can also create a schedule for freezing internet access using the Plume app.

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