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SmartThings Tracker FAQ

How does SmartThings Tracker work?

Using GPS and LTE technology, SmartThings Tracker can track you and your loved ones anywhere within range of a cellular connection. To use the Tracker, connect it with the SmartThings app and configure alerts for when the Tracker enters or exits a Zone.

Using the SmartThings app, you can:

  • Switch between map view and satellite view. 1.png
  • View the Tracker's travel path. 
  • Watch the Tracker's live location. 3.png
  • Update the current location of the Tracker. 4.png
  • Turn on periodic location reports.
  • Configure entry/exit Zone alerts.
  • Use the Tracker's location to trigger presence-based automations.


What do I need to use SmartThings Tracker?

To use SmartThings Tracker, all you need is a mobile device with the SmartThings app. Even though you don't need a SmartThings Hub to use the Tracker, you can still use the Tracker to control your SmartThings devices through presence-based automations.


How long is the Tracker's battery life?

SmartThings Tracker can generally last about a week on a single charge. You can optimize its battery life by enabling power saving mode, which will turn the Tracker off during periods of inactivity. When power saving mode is enabled, the Tracker will pause location updates when it does not sense motion or it is not used for approximately 30 minutes.

  1. In the SmartThings app, touch the Tracker's device card.
  2. Touch more options (More Options menu icon)
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Select Power saving mode.
  5. Toggle Power saving mode off to ON.
  6. Configure which days/times to enable power saving mode.
  7. Touch Save to confirm.


What are Zones?

A Zone is a geofence that can be used for entry/exit alerts and presence-based automations. You can configure up to two unique Zones in the SmartThings app. To read more about configuring Zones, click here.


How do I send a location report to the SmartThings app?

You can send a location report to the SmartThings app from the Tracker by pressing the power button twice. An alert will be sent to all members of the Location that the Tracker is connected to.