SmartThings Support

Hub is offline or disconnected

The SmartThings app will send a push notification if your Hub goes offline. Here are some reasons the Hub may be offline:

  • Network connectivity issues
  • Power outage
  • Firmware updates


The troubleshooting steps might be different based on your Hub model. Here are helpful links to get you started:


The LED on the front of the Hub will indicate why it has disconnected. View our guide on LED colors here for more information.

When to contact support:

  • The LED on the front of the Hub is red after rebooting the Hub
  • The LED on the front of the Hub is green and is still Disconnected after restarting the SmartThings app
  • The LED is dark after trying another power source
  • The LED is blue after changing networks or rebooting the modem


Additional information on troubleshooting Hubs can be found here.