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SmartThings Classic App Transition

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How is the new SmartThings app different than SmartThings Classic?

We’ve been hard at work adding the features you love from SmartThings Classic into the new SmartThings app. It supports a modern interface, more Works With SmartThings devices, and powerful Automations. As we bring together Samsung and SmartThings IoT services, we are working to ensure that the features you love are in the new mobile app.


Why should I switch to the new SmartThings app?

The new SmartThings app offers most of the same features as Classic with a new and improved interface, as well as powerful automations, a massive device ecosystem, and much more!


How do I transition to the new SmartThings app?

    1. Open the SmartThings Classic app and tap the Migrate to the new SmartThings banner 
    2. Follow the on-screen instructions; when ready tap Migrate all now
    3. Download the new SmartThings app 

If you have multiple Locations, you will need to repeat this process for each Location. If you cannot see the banner yet, please be patient and keep an eye out! We are rolling out slowly in groups to ensure the smoothest transition. 


What is the Classic transition process actually doing to my account? 

The transition process is a simple and secure path to transfer settings from your account, Routines, Smart Home Monitor, and Smart Locks into the new app. If you choose not to make the transition, you can still use the new app. 

Here are some tips to find your favorite features:

  • Routines are now Scenes and Automations
  • Smart Home Monitor is now SmartThings Home Monitor which can be found under SmartApps
  • Smart Locks is now Smart Lock Guest Access  

Can I continue using the SmartThings Classic app after the transition process?

After the transition, you will be able to edit and control all of your existing Classic settings in the new SmartThings app.

Some features in the SmartThings Classic app will no longer be available including the following: 

  • Creating new Routines in SmartThings Classic
  • Editing or viewing old Routines in SmartThings Classic
  • Adding, viewing, or managing Lock Code Manager in SmartThings Classic 
  • Adding, viewing, or managing Smart Home Monitor in SmartThings Classic

You will still be able to control devices in the SmartThings Classic app after the transition.

We are working to offer you a complete smart home experience in a single app. While you can continue to use Classic for now, we encourage you to check out the new app!


Where are my favorite features in the new app?

Most features, including your devices and SmartApps, already sync across both apps - all you need to do is log in with your Samsung Account. A few other features operate a bit differently in the new SmartThings app.

Here are some things that have changed:

  • Devices and Rooms - Easily access devices from the Home screen. You can group devices into rooms and select favorites to appear on the dashboard or window shade menu (Android only) for quicker access. You can group lights or cameras to control them all at once.
  • Automations, Scenes, and SmartApps - Routines, Scenes, and SmartApps in Classic are now grouped into Automations, Scenes, and SmartApps. The Automation builder in the new app allows you to build unique and complex automations without scrolling through SmartApps.
  • Samsung Experience - Deep integrations in the new app allow you to control your Samsung TVs and Appliances, SmartThings WiFi, and other smart home devices all from one app. Can’t find the TV remote? Just use your SmartThings app (not all features available on all models). 

As of now, there are no current plans to support features such as setting action delays over sixty (60) minutes and using unsupported cameras. There may also be a small number of devices that are not compatible with the new SmartThings app. You can check out custom solutions in the SmartThings Community and our new Rules API.


I haven't upgraded to a Samsung account yet! Am I locked out of using the new app?

You must upgrade to a Samsung Account before making the switch. Once you complete the upgrade, all your devices will start appearing in the new app.

If you have not upgraded to a Samsung account, you will need to go through the SmartThings account update process before you can use the Classic app transition tool. For more questions about the account upgrade process check out our FAQ.


What about my shared users? 

The transition process is only required for Location owners - shared users do not need to take any action to complete the transition. 

Some shared users may still need to upgrade to a Samsung account - these users will see an Account Notice banner in the Classic app where they can begin the upgrade. After completing the Samsung Account setup process, shared users can simply log into the new SmartThings app with their Samsung account to view the shared Locations. 

Shared user settings can be found under Members in the menu of the new SmartThings app.


I don't see the new SmartThings App in my app store, what should I do? 

The new SmartThings app is compatible with Android devices (5.0 and higher) and iOS devices (10 and higher).


I've built my own device integrations and/or automations. Will they work in the new app?

Most of your custom integrations will continue working in the new SmartThings app. If you find one of your custom devices is not working, check out our new Developer Workspace for more information on Custom UI Metadata. Stay tuned to our  Developer Workspace for information about our new open platform features.


I'm having trouble with the transition process. How can I get help?

Please contact us at (US) / (Canada) or call 1-800-SAM-SUNG and we will be happy to help you through the process.


Any other questions?

For anything else, be sure to check out our other support articles.